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The city of Aurora in Colorado is a home rule municipality. It is situated in Arapahoe, Adams, and Douglas counties. It is a good place to live. Aurora shares its boundaries with Centennial, Greenwood Village, Foxfield, Parker, and Denver. The city has been given the nickname “Gateway to the Rockies” due to its location. Aurora is the third-largest city in Colorado. It is known for its fun culture, being a hub for shoppers, various outdoor activities, amazing places to eat, as well as for a relaxed atmosphere. The societies in Aurora are friendly and welcoming. Due to its benefits, Aurora has seen a boom in the real estate market, increasing the need for home inspection services.

Professional Home Inspectors in Aurora CO

We at Assurity Inspections are professional home inspectors in Aurora CO. Our industry knowledge and expertise of the staff enables us to offer the best services to our customers. Our unparalleled work ethic ensures timely delivery of services and the best possible advice to the homeowners who trust us with their homes. 


Aurora Inspection Services You Can Rely On!

Our expert team checks for the following key areas during inspection-

  • Infestation by various insects and pests to the likes of termites, ants, cockroaches, mice, rats, etc. 
  • The HVAC system is thoroughly checked for any faults in the heating as well as the cooling system.
  • The structural issues of the house are looked into for timely correction depending on their severity.
  • The proper functioning of the electrical system is assured by checking relevant connections, wires, earthing mechanisms, etc. 
  • The critical examination of the interior and exterior of the house is done by the home inspector in Denver.
  • The plumbing issues are looked into to be assured of no leakage issues that could have taken a toll on the house.
  • The roof and floors are thoroughly inspected by the home inspectors for any damages.
  • All the major home appliances are checked for proper functioning too.
  • All the major aesthetic issues are taken into account and communicated to the homeowner.
  • The walls of the house and their integrity is checked thoroughly by the home inspector to report to the homeowners. Any broken parts or shingles are duly noted and notified of by the home inspectors.


Why Choose Assurity Inspections in Aurora, CO?

  • The staff is industry adept as well as certified by the proper required authorities.
  • We are known for being trustworthy and effective as a service.
  • We provide the best possible service from our competitors.
  • All the equipment that we use for inspection and doing necessary probing and testing is technologically advanced and latest in the industry, this is to provide you with the best possible service of home inspection. 
  • The reports we prepare and produce are as accurate as it gets and are admissible in the court of law.
  • We are the support system you need to make practical decisions regarding your property in Denver, CO.
  • We assure you regarding the actual condition of your property so that nobody can take you for a ride. 
  • Assurity Inspections readies you for the process of listing the house with minimal stress.
  • You are able to negotiate more forcefully with buyers with the assistance of Assurity Inspections in Denver, CO. 




The age and the area of the home to be inspected play a major role in the cost of home inspections but in general, an average house takes around $350 - $500 for an average house. Your trusted home inspectors Assurity Inspections provide their services at very nominal rates and throw in a discount sometimes too. Considering the benefits, the home inspection as a service is well worth it.
A typical home inspection by Assurity Inspection generally includes the following-
  1. Safety Equipment like fire alarms, fire sprinklers, hand and guardrails, condition of the stairwell, etc. are checked.
  2. The exterior of the house is checked for proper ground and siding material, working electrical sockets, etc.
  3. The structural integrity of the house for cracks and damage that might compromise the structure, in the long run, is checked.
  4. The roof is checked for any damaged or broken shingles and the proper working of gutters etc. is checked.
  5. The attic is checked for any infestation of pest or insect infestation and water and leakage damage.
  6. Plumbing equipment and bathroom, kitchen, etc. are checked for the presence of leakage and any damage due to it.
  7. Sidewalk, fencing, drainage, driveway, patio, etc. for any damage.
  8. Appliances installed in the house are checked for proper functioning.
  9. HVAC System is checked for proper functioning and condition.
  10. Garage
  11. Ventilation & Insulation of the whole house is checked for better living conditions.
  12. Electrical System is inspected for any damage and slag in function.
There is no time limit to becoming a home inspector in Aurora, CO, depending on your past experience you can take from 1-2 weeks to as long as you need to finish your course. Just clearing your exam earns you the required certificate to jump-start your home inspection career. A good home inspection company such as Assurity Inspections can hire you or you can start your own business.
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